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How to get from Charles de Gaulle to Orly airport

Paris Transfers

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How to get from Charles de Gaulle to Orly airport

During your visit to Paris, you might have to switch between airports for different reasons. And if you ever have to get from Charles de Gaulle to Orly airport here’s how you can get there.

You can get from Charles de Gaulle to Orly airport, by train, bus or taxi. In this article, we share the best routes you can to take and the other things you need to know when you are using all these three transportation options.

Transfer by a public train

Trains are the most affordable way to get from Charles de Gaulle to Orly airport. You can pick either RER or metro for this and the ride will take around 1 hour to 20 minutes. To catch the train, you will have to head to the Antony train station and get down from the last station. After that the airport is only a 10-15 minutes walk away from the station.

Transfer by a bus

Buses are cheaper to travel in but will waste a lot of your valuable time due to traffic.

To catch the bus from CDG airport to Orly airport, you will have to head to the bus station nearby which is only a few minutes walk away from the airport. Then you will have to wait till the bus comes which sometimes can take up to 30 minutes depending on the time you get there. The bus ride from CDG airport to Orly airport takes around 1 hour to 20 minutes and will cost you around 26 euros.

However, bus transfers can be quite a hassle, time consuming and uncomfortable.

Transfer by a privet taxi service

If you like your comfort, there is no better way to get from CDG airport to Orly airport than by a private taxi service in Paris. With a taxi ride, you are assured of your comfort and a safe and sound ride. As the driver will pick you up right from the airport and drop you off at the doorstep of Orly airport, and even help you with your luggage as well, Taxi rides are easy and comfortable.

Usually, it will cost you around 70-90 Euros per adult and it will only take 45-55 minutes for the ride. Most of the taxi service providers in Paris offer you many helpful additional services such as baby seats, pre-booking…etc. which always come in handy. However, when you are choosing a private taxi ride in Paris you must choose an experienced and reliable service provider, so you can receive the best prices and great service.

At Easy Go Shuttle we offer competitive prices and excellent service for 100% customer satisfaction. With a team of experienced drivers and a latest fleet of vehicles including cars and vans we ensure you a hassle-free ride. And most importantly we are always on time.

So, what is the best way to transfer?

This is something you should decide for yourself depending on your requirements. If you are more concerned about your comfort or in a rush, we recommend you to take a taxi. If not, you can take the train or the bus.

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